Pizza Station



Everybody comes to a pizza party. Why? Because nothing beats food and fun together. But what if you can turn it into great food and great fun? Definitely, more people will come! Chef Marcus’s pizza station provides that and so much more!

Complete with tents and wood fired ovens, our pizza station can accommodate up to 500 people. Best of all, you are serving delectable handcrafted gourmet pizza with fresh ingredients created by a master pizza chef. It’s where healthy meets happy! Perfect for big events, parties, and celebrations, our pizza station will not only delight your guests but also leave a great impression on you as a host.


Imagine how your attendees will feel when they have an array of lip-smacking pizzas to choose from without the guilt because they’re all gourmet! So give your guests something unexpected—the gastronomic goodness of pizza with all its finest ingredients! A big event with an impressive pizza station will not only double the food but also double the fun!


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