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Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza

Parma, Italy - 2019


Chef Marcus Roberto

Pizza is the subject of many international competitions in Italy. The most recent  was held in April, 2019 and it had a Brazilian in the top 5 best pizza chefs of the World. It seems easy, but not.

The paulistano Marcus Roberto can celebrate, above him, only four chefs – all Italians. He left behind  600 competitors from 42 different countries.

Based in Los Angeles, CA. Chef Marcus, who has just opened his second restaurant, prepared one of those toppings, let’s say, not very Neapolitan. He made a combination of mushrooms with Italian truffle, fresh cream and gold flakes.

Instead of making toppings with Brazilian ingredients like in previous appearances, Roberto used another tactic to be in the top five. He selected Italian ingredients, including Italian truffle. He also created a “scenery” that referred to the forests of the peninsular country and placed a hunter with his truffle hunter dogs as shown in the photo above.


“There were at least five Brazilians competing, including Igor Cândido, who was considered the best pizzaiolo in Brazil in a contest that took place in São Paulo, last year [refers to the owner of the thematic pizzeria Cara de Mau, in Gramado (RS ) and winner of the Brazilian Cup of Pizzerias held during Fispal in June 2018]. “The score goes from 100 to 900. I took 830. I didn’t win by 25 points ”, says Roberto, who is already preparing for the 2020 competition.

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