Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Make Food Other Then Pizza?

Yes, we serve salads and desserts as well. Our desserts are prepared with the same detail and finesse as our pizzas. In fact, they are presented like pizzas, too! That’s where you’ll see how creative and versatile your personal chef is. We don’t prepare anything heavy because we want you and your guests to be able to taste as many pizzas as possible.

How Does the Pizza Party Work?

It’s simple, you’ll be the host and we’ll feed your guests. It’s probably the first time you’ll ever have a stress-free party because all you need to do is socialize and eat! A pizza chef will come to your home and bring everything needed to prepare and serve the choicest selection of pizzas that will surely delight your guests. You may also request that we bring a server to help in passing the pizza around.

How Big Is Each Pizza?

Our pizzas are 14″ and we slice them into 16 pieces so your guests can taste more flavors.

How Long Will My Party Last?

It depends on how many guests you have. Every pizza is made to order but it only takes a few minutes to prepare and about five minutes to cook. Once we start cooking, we keep going until all the pizzas are made.

Will You Leave My House A Mess?

We won’t. You can be assured that before we leave we will clean up the cooking and prep areas and leave it the way it was when we arrived. However, we can’t say the same for your guests. You’re responsible for cleaning up their mess when they leave.

What Is The Cost For Your Pizza Party?

Chef Marcus Roberto’s fees are reasonable. His rate is $30/hour for a minimum of 6 hours plus the cost of your favorite pizzas. You can check our menu for more choices.If your party will cater to more than 30 people, we require a kitchen helper ($20/hour for a minimum of 6 hours)

What If I Have A Small Intimate Party And Still Want A Server?

You are free to request for a server regardless of the size of the party. There are actually many advantages to having one. You can focus on entertaining your guests, you don’t have to worry if there’s anyone without food, and your party will flow smoothly. He/she will have the same rate ($20/hour for a minimum of 6 hours) whether it’s a big or small gathering.

How Much Room In My Kitchen Will I Need In My Kitchen To Host A Pizza Party?

Not much space is needed.We just need a stove to prepare the ingredients and a slot in your oven for two pizza stones(i.e. 2 racks) and a counter top where the pizzas will be prepared.

When Do I Need To Give A Final Guest Count?

We need your guaranteed guest count 72 hours in advance.

Where Is Marcus Roberto Located?

We are located in Los Angeles, California.

Does Marcus Roberto Host Parties Outside Of The Los Angeles Area?

Yes, please CONTACT US for more details.

What Do I Need To Know Before Booking My Party?

Keep these three things in mind. First, you need to have a definite date for the party. Second, you need to have an estimate as to how many guests you’re planning to invite. Third, you need to know generally the kind of pizzas your group will like. We can also make suggestions if you want.

How Far Ahead Should I Book My Party?

The earlier the better especially if you are located outside of Los Angeles. Please CONTACT US for specific date requests.

What Should I Order?

Always go with variety when entertaining groups of people. The right mix of choices can help make any party a success. You’ll find that our Gourmet Pizzas are great crowd pleasers!

Is A Tip Included In The Total?


Are Plates, Plasticware And Napkins Supplied?

Yes, if you prefer that we bring them. Please specify at the time of your booking.